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(Beijing to put ) partially makes a profit thechip leverage obvious whole to look that, yesterday the weight target stock pulled is high , outside the field the fu fermentation nd still in unceasing entering, considered from the short line angle, After the earlier period partial stocks pass through the nearly several short line to rise, possibly faces partially is making a profit the chip leverage pressure, when target stock resilience, center, the small dish stock short adjustment is market normal... to provide China information and so onfinance and economics important news, stock recommendation, professionresearch, stock material. The website home page | finance and economics news | invests the world | hair ornament worn by women in ancient times school | | to hold the plate guide | about the hair ornament worn by women in ancient times The achievement forecast | core research | company investigates and studies | guarantees a minimum the investment | expert column | on-line diagnosis | to contact with us In expert plate review Entire screen demonstration The free expert on-line consultation ( clicks on the entire screen demonstration ) Entire screen demonstration Enters goes on the market the company More " Enters goes on the market the company standard strength electric appliance memoir The company predecessor for the Zhuhai air conditioning project limited liability company,1,989 years after the Zhuhai industry committee, the People's Bank of China Zhuhai branch authorizes to set up for,1,994 years to authorize by the Zhuhai organizational reform committee to change the name on November 18 sends the character for the Zhuhai standard strength electric appliance limited liability company,1,996 years Japan economy (stock) the Chinese negotiable securities surveillance management committee card jail (1,996) the 321st article authorization to go on the market to the Shenzhen stock market. The company is China at present the production scale biggest, the technical strength is strongest large-scale. . . Finance and economics important new implementer s More >> The world bank forecast this year whole world economy grows 3.3% [ 2008-1-10 ] The global economy development element of certainty is not increasing [ 2008-1-10 ] Shanghai draws up at the right moment promotes the resident certificate single track system [ 2008-1-10 ] Beijing promotes "the Beijing grain class" the service brand [ 2008-1-10 ] Last month the CPI increase scope or receded [ 2008-1-10 ] Stock market important news More >> continues shakes the plate to rise the pattern [ 2008-1-10 ] The market restitution walks high suitably participates in 23 stocks [ 2008-1-10 ] New town B: Under flag company 814 million Yuan rackets [ 2008-1-10 ] "The bloating" quotation crazy deduction sensitive Thursday some people look spatially [ 2008-1-10 ] Regulative policy tight real estate stock trend where [ 2008-1-10 ] Hot spot concept stock More >> Henan can : The major stockholder strength abundant reorganization anticipated is stronger [ 2008-1-9 ] the bank: The achievement increases 110% long-line to have in advance [ 2008-1-9 ] Henan can : The major stockholder strength abundant reorganization anticipated is stronger [ 2008-1-9 ] New center base: The profession main item pulls rises in namely [ 2008-1-9 ] Henan can : The major stockholder strength abundant reorganization anticipated is stronger [ 2008-1-9 ] Organization viewpoint More >> After Shanghai new market shakes will continue on the line [ 2008-1-9 ] On the card association short line entire is solid does not change intermediate stage [ 2008-1-9 ] Ten thousand countries will evaluate after testing in a big way refer to the stock continue on to attack [ 2008-1-9 ] The sea passes the negotiable securities disparity to enlarge the urgent need to revise 28 returns as necessary.. [ 2008-1-8 ] The China peaceful stock market slowly climbs in the hesitation [ 2008-1-8 ] hair ornament worn by women in ancient times viewpoint More >> Reconsiders deeply does not see the bottom the primitive stock fraud [ 2008-1-9 ] The negotiable securities supervising and managing reform must avoid the right bare [ 2008-1-9 ] The new stock release system also should undertake the wealth assignment responsibility [ 2008-1-9 ] The Quanjude 200 police show refraction supervising and managing but [ 2008-1-9 ] Cheng Siwei: The Chinese stock market transferred the slow cow from the quick cow [ 2008-1-9 ] Manages finances gathers More >> Picks up most suits own credit card [ 2008-1-9 ] Chooses the credit card multi- spots pragmatism [ 2008-1-9 ] After the family yearly income 50,000 first safeguards manages finances [ 2008-1-9 ] The agriculture manages finances endures the ratio to fry the gold [ 2008-1-8 ] Most likely center the high end public figure needs to manage finances the service [ 2008-1-8 ] hair ornament worn by women in ancient times school More >> How the assurance buys up the opportunity from the tendency [ 2008-1-7 ] How the assurance buys up the opportunity from the tendency [ 2008-1-4 ] Company law: Not best only has most is suitable [ 2008-1-2 ] The penetration phenomenon looks at the essence, holds the market hot spot [ 2008-1-2 ] Short line abundant price difference three essential skills [ 2008-1-2 ] Core research More >> Automobile profession: Seeks continues to grow recommends 6 main items stocks [ 2008-1-9 ] Real estate: The basic pattern does not have the change to pay attention to 7 main items stocks [ 2008-1-9 ] Coal profession: The booming long-enduring confidence enhancement recommends 7 stocks.. [ 2008-1-9 ] Foundation chemical industry: The profession high booming continues pays attention to 5 main items stocks [ 2008-1-9 ] Non-ferrous metal: The resources pours into the processing to recommend 7 stocks [ 2008-1-9 ] Stock market chat More >> By stock market life five kind of boundaries [ 2008-1-9 ] The error first medicine rises stops! [ 2008-1-8 ] 2,007: What should the investor summarize? [ 2008-1-7 ] 2,008 warmly as before [ 2008-1-7 ] The senior master looks at the plate: Continuation layout in 2008 [ 2008-1-4 ] Relaxed quarter More >> Stock market joke: Stock market party playbill [ 2007-11-26 ] Buddhism stock after [ 2007-11-13 ] Seeps the garden spring - the stock [ 2007-11-13 ] Man and woman [ 2007-11-13 ] After bear market [ 2007-11-13 ] [ Winner world column ] the Spring Festival gives a present achievement of wave the offensive [ Winner world column ] the stock changes to amass money the opportunity third issue [ Winner world column ] winner of diary 2:8 law.. [ Winner world column ] the power card operation must win the guide [ Winner world column ] if your strong winner diary.. [ Winner world column ] in the gambling house I am not winning of the winner.. [ Winner world column ] main force nature decision quotation.. [ Winner world column ] do not have in the revolutionary victory eve the back.. [ Winner world column ] the evil Wugong large-scale military training exercise -- wins.. Who [ winner world column ] does Zhao include it to die -- to win.. [ Winner world column ] -- defeats oneself the winner date..

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